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We always caution our clients that our assessments are not the end-all criteria for evaluating a candidate. While they provide at least 33% more insight, our assessment tools will enhance the interview but should never replace it.  Talent assessments also do not measure a person’s technical knowledge or level of technical experience. That is the function of the resume, background/reference check and the interview.

Dan and Chip Heath, the authors of Made to Stick, have studied interview ineffectiveness and concluded that interviews are of little use in predicting job performance.  Link to article.

While I personally admit that I have never approached world class interviewer status, I differ with the Heaths about the value of the interview.

As we continuously validate our tools we have done our own studies with candidates who assessed well, yet did not perform.  What we have learned in hindsight from clients is that in looking back at the interview there were some yellow flags that went up.  But because of the combination of impatience, urgency to fill the position and the positive assessment, the interview yellow flags were ignored.

So to summarize my yellow flag on interview effectiveness, interview strangeness or quirkyness can be an indication of job quirkyness. It should not be ignored.

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  1. Great insights! I too have seen this phenomenon — where someone underperformed on the job and looking back at the interview process the employer saw the signs and hired anyways. There’s benefit in paying attention to those yellow flags.

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