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Businesses everywhere are seeking better ways to secure the talent necessary to their success. But what talents does a job require for superior performances? Only the JOB has the answer, so let the job talk and listen carefully. TTI’s patented job benchmarking process enables businesses to benchmark the job, assess the talent and find the best job fit.

Depending on the benchmarking tool used, you can quickly determine the behaviors, values, personal skills and task preferences required for superior performance. TTI’s job benchmarking process makes it easy to remove common biases often associated with the hiring process. Instead, factual data based on job requirements provide a solid foundation for coaching and hiring success!

The Job Benchmarking Process

TTI’s patented job benchmarking process is a unique and effective solution because it benchmarks a specific job, not the people in the job. To do this, we let the job talk through an interactive process and an assessment on the job. With the expertise of a TTI Value Added Associate, you will find the job benchmarking process is what your company needs to make its next great hire.

Identify the Job to be Benchmarked

It is important to understand why the job exists and how success in the job is measured, as well as the history of the position and how it fits the company’s overall strategy.

Identify Subject Matter Experts

Subject Matter Experts are people within the organization that have a direct connection to the job and use their expertise to create the job benchmark.

Define the Job's Key Accountabilities

Subject Matter Experts let the job talk and define the position’s key accountabilities, or critical goals and key business successes the job is accountable for producing.

Prioritize and Weigh Key Accountabilities

The Subject Matter Experts rank the key accountabilities by considering their importance and the amount of time they require.

Respond to the Job Assessment Individually

Using the key accountabilities as a reference point, each Subject Matter Expert will respond to the job assessment to provide their input regarding the performance requirements of the job.  The responses are compiled to generate a Job Benchmark Report

Review the Multiple Respondent Benchmark Report

Based on a unique analysis, the Multiple Respondent Report combines the input of all Subject Matter Experts to create a benchmark for the job that lists the job requirements in each category measured.  

Compare Talent to the Job Benchmark

A talent assessment on the same scale as the job will identify the characteristics an individual will bring to the job, allowing you to easily determine the best job fit and identify coaching opportunities.

View Sample Talent Report

Discuss the Results & Implementation Strategy

Within the framework of a company’s overall selection process, effective hiring decisions can be made and productivity can begin immediately.

Job Benchmarking Tools

We offer an assortment of benchmarking tools to ensure the best job fit.

  • TTI TriMetrix® – Behaviors, Values and Personal Skills (PTSI)
  • Job Report Defines acumen capacity, behavioral factors, drivers and personal skills best-suited for a particular role. The report assesses the job, not the person.
  • TTI Performance DNA™ – Behaviors, Values and Personal Skills (Position Analysis™)
  • TTI DNA™ – Personal Skills (Position Analysis)
  • TTI Fit – Behaviors, Values and Task Preference
  • TTI Insights – Behaviors and Values
  • Workplace Behaviors™ – Behaviors
  • Jobs Energizing People Profile™ – Values
  • TTI Task Quotient™ – Task Preference


Contact Us to discuss of how TTI’s Job Benchmarking Process can contribute to the application of talent within your organization—and lay the foundation for success!

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