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On Boarding

Onboarding or “on-boarding” is a the process of helping newly hired employees become productive. Onboarding can be defined as the process of acquiring, accommodating, assimilating and accelerating new users into a system, culture or methodology.  It’s about getting up to speed faster.  Armed with insight for a candidate’s pre-employment assessment and the DNA of the job, we’re able to predict potential pitfalls and conflicts and thereby help prevent them.

Onboarding is a natural progression from Job Benchmarking as the same insight can assist the new hire with an enhanced awareness of how their habits, style, inclinations and motivators mesh with their co-workers.

Managers of the new hire are armed with do’s and don’ts for communicating as well as a guide for managing their new subordinate.


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Benefits of On-Boarding

  • Benefits of On-Boarding
  • Reduced ramp up time for
  • faster productivity
  • More effective management
  • Enhanced motivation
  • Reduced turnover rates

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