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The Power of TriMetrix™

TriMetrix™ starts by benchmarking a job and then looks at what, how, and why an individual can contribute to the job. This time-tested and proven system is guaranteed to identify the best candidates for any position. TriMetrix™ is more than just a selection tool; it’s very effective for developing, and most importantly, retaining your valuable employees.  Here’s how the system made a difference from three companies in three different industries

Case #1

TriMetrix™ Saves a Heavy Equipment Company from a Collapse in their Service Department

The Challenge

A large heavy equipment company was struggling to keep their aftermarket up to speed with their exponential growth in sales. The company consists of several dealerships spread across 3 Canadian provinces. Each individual dealership was struggling to keep their service department efficient and profitable, but the company was unable to pinpoint the bottleneck that was holding them back.

The company faced an issue of poor organizational structure and long-term family ties. The reality was, they didn’t have the right people in the right positions and there were a lot of emotional ties with long-term employees. The company then realized that they were going to need some outside help in order to get their service department running smoothly and up to speed with their sales.

The Solution

The equipment company called upon a TriMetrix™ certified consultant to take action upon the situation.  The consultant began by benchmarking the key positions in the service department, starting with the service center managers. Understanding the role of the position and that the job requires to be successful was the critical step of the process.

Each benchmark allowed the consultant and the managers to let the job talk and tell them what a perfect employee for that position would look like. Because different jobs require different personal attitudes and behaviors, certain people will match a job naturally as others may struggle.  The company soon realized that the problem wasn’t about their employees’ technical knowledge; the real problem was the lack of understanding each position’s behavioral requirements.

The Results

TriMetrix™ uncovered the soft skills needed for each position and then matched the employees to their skill related job. Thanks to the consultant and TriMetrix™, the company was able to stay competitive, allow for growth, develop a proper accountability chain and provide consistency across the organization. The company’s total sales volume has more than doubled and profitability is up 96%. Their Dealer Excellence rating has also continued to improve and the employees feel good about their achievements. This new synergy across the organization has helped efficiency and brought the employees closer together.

The company’s total sales volume has more than doubled and profitability is up 96%.

Case #2

A Hospital

The Challenge

The senior management team of a regional hospital decided it was time for a change and made it a primary business focus to rebuild their 303-bed hospital both inside and out. The culture was in need of repair after suffering a contract-related work stoppage. Their goal was to establish a strong service culture, and the management team called on everyone in the organization to take part. Soon, cross-functional teams and a tracking system were in place. Still, nothing met the needs the vice president of human resources had. He knew customer service was vital to the hospital’s new standards, but nothing in their selection process addressed this key skill.

Medical Talent Assessment

The Solution

The hospital turned to a TTI Value Added Associate to find a hiring practice that fit with the hospital’s new focus. TTI TriMetrix™ was the cure. By incorporating assessments with the hospital’s hiring system, they had the ability to assess candidates on behaviors, motivators and personal skills, including customer service. A pilot study that assessed a job and its current employees proved that the assessment component not only provided much needed insight but also predicted job performance. Then, the job benchmark and assessments were added to the selection process to not only address the behaviors, motivators and personal skills required for superior performance on the job, but to ensure the new hires had the customer service skills the hospital’s culture required.

The Results

To date, the hospital has assessed over 900 candidates for over 140 positions throughout the hospital. The hospital’s real payoff came when its focus on improving customer service at all levels earned them the Hospital of the Year Award from a national organization, recognizing them as America’s most customer-friendly hospital. The hospital also experienced tremendous cost savings by reducing turnover and avoiding bad hires. In fact, an analysis of the hospital’s RN position over an 18-month period revealed that the assessment component in the selection process impacted the bottom line by $1,800,000. In just nine months, the assessments process could have saved the hospital $750,000 in turnover costs if it had been implemented with previous hires. In less than one year, it actually did save the hospital $1,050,000 by avoiding bad hires and the high costs associated with disengagement, job-misfit, low productivity, customer service complaints and turnover.

Case #3

Texas Home Building Company

The Challenge

Last year, a Houston-based home building firm faced an escalation in turnover and a decrease in sales. Market share, productivity and survival were all in question. The market was there, but the company simply couldn’t get to it with its sales-force in constant churn. The firm’s problems were the result of poor hiring decisions caused by a lack of understanding of the sales job. Hiring managers did not know what talents were necessary for success. The company faced dire consequences if they did not find a solution quickly. They needed help. And fast.

The Solution

The firm turned to a TriMetrix™ certified consultant to help solve their problems. The consultant informed the management team that a successful salesperson at another company might not be as successful at theirs because of their unique culture and rewards system. He explained because every company was different, sales-forces must also be unique. Experience couldn’t tell them enough about future performance. They had to look deeper.

A solution was promptly implemented. The consultant began by benchmarking the sales job, which meant bringing all of the stakeholders together to analyze the job. By using validated tools and proven processes, he articulated how the job should be done.

The TriMetrix™ system allowed the consultant to use validated assessments that clearly identified what the job is asking for and what the candidate has to offer. These reports could easily be compared to show the correlation between the candidate and the job benchmark.

The next step was to begin developing targeted interview questions around the benchmark. The interview questions addressed specific needs the sales position required. Combined with the assessments, the interview questions delivered the perfect one-two punch to find superior performers for these sales positions.

The Results

The home building firm only hired top talent who could fix the company’s problems. In less than one year, the TriMetrix™ system reduced turnover by 75% and increased sales by 50%. After seeing the success of the system, the firm extended TriMetrix into its home building division and benchmarked every executive’s position including CEO.  Widespread organizational improvement continues to this day, thanks to the knowledgeable consultant and TriMetrix™.

“The TriMetrix™ system reduced turnover by 75% and increased sales by 50%.”

“Companies that use TriMetrix™ as part of their hiring process see an average increase in successful hires of more than five times.”

TriMetrix™ is the only system in the world that starts by benchmarking a job and then looks at why, how, and what an individual can contribute to the job. This time-tested and proven system is guaranteed to find the best candidates for any position. TriMetrix™ is more than just a selection tool; it’s very effective for developing, and most importantly, retaining your valuable employees.

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