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Is Myers-Briggs Totally Meaningless?

I believe that improving your self awareness and gaining the ability to understand and relate to others has a lot of value.  The Myers-Briggs “tool” delivers on that.  But when it comes to making talent decisions, there are more valid tools.

I realize that I’m piling on here. MBTI has never been validated for use in hiring decisions.

Is DISC a Suitable Replacement for Meyers-Briggs?

Performance SynergyWhile I use DISC as a component of the Talent Assessment puzzle, I would never recommend using DISC as a sole determining factor for a hiring decision. There are other important pieces to the talent assessment puzzle. I’ve known people who have performed at a high level despite the fact that their style wasn’t a fit for their job activities.

As we seek insight into how a candidate approaches a job in terms of their HOW, WHAT and WHY, DISC looks only at HOW.  Given the opportunity to understand all three aspects, why would you make an important decision on only one?


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