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According to Forbes columnist George Bradt, there are only three true job interview questions.  They are:

  1. Can you do the job?
  2. Will you love the job?
  3. Can we tolerate working with you?

While these are critical categories, the interview is only one of three sources for insight for answering these questions. And the interview should account for only 1/3 of your insight on a candidate. The chart below illustrates all three sources of insight and their degree of importance.

Talent Decision Components

Performance Tea LeavesBeyond The Interview…

Who can dispute the value of those three questions?  Surely not me. That said, what if you could go beyond the interview process and assess qualified candidates to gain detailed understanding of a candidate’s…

  1. Skills and Capacities they are inclined to use when they do the job: Their “WHAT”
  2. Passions and Motivators: Their “WHY”
  3. Behavioral Style they will exhibit in doing the job: Their “HOW”

When interviewing finalists, assessment insight enables more specific interview questions around a candidate’s can, will and how.  And, with a deeper understanding of your candidates how, what and why, your decisions are significantly more informed and less biased.

Due Diligence

Interviewing should provide one third of your talent decision insight. Assessments another third. Since candidates have been known to embellish and or misrepresent their credentials, background and reference checks provide the other 33% of of the insight needed to make an informed decision.

For More…

For more on Talent Assessments and Job Benchmarking that go beyond the interview to gain insight into the how, what and why of both the job and the candidates, I invite you to:

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