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Our Talent Tea Leaves allow us to determine how people adapt or mask their natural behaviors in their job environment. When we see behavior assessment results that show significant adaption, we have an indication that the person is straining to perform their work. Their enjoyment and fulfillment wanes along with performance.

As some companies have gone into survival mode, the result can be an adverse effect their sales people.  People are naturally motivated to survive or succeed. However, during the current economic times, people tend to reduce all risk and focus on surviving.  Are you seeing this same trend? Is it making your company become stagnant?
With our advanced DISC assessment tool, I can help you determine if your sales people have gone into survival mode. (See graphs at below for more detail.)

Survival Mode Sales Person DISC Assessment
DISC Assessment for a Survival Mode Sales Person

The graph above profiles a particular sales person’s natural behavioral style on the left and their adapted behavior.  The result of moving into survival mode is illustrated by the differences in the “I” and “C”  measurements.  This data tells us that this salesperson’s naturally enthusiastic, optimistic and uninhibited characteristics are being masked to the point that the workplace persona is drastically more cautious worrisome and suspicious.  How do you suspect that the salesperson’s prospective customers will respond?  How might we expect a salesperson’s performance to change in this newly adapted survival mode?

Sales Managers can not help their people with issues if they are unaware of them or if they are unequipped to assist with issues related to unproductive attitudes.

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