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Attributes of The Serial Entrepreneur

Do You Have What It Takes to Be an Entrepreneur? Here are the results of a study on the most common behaviors, skills and drivers of serial entrepreneurs. According to a a researched report by Target Training International,serial entrepreneurs are much more results driven than the rest of the US adult population.  The study reports […]

There are No "I"s on Our Team

In working with DISC assessments, I’ve discovered an industry that doesn’t appreciate the likes of me, a “High I” who is inclined to be optimistic, enthusiastic, trusting, magnetic, persuasive and convincing. But I’m OK with that. What is this industry? And why are “I’s” so scarce?

Fostering Behavioral Diversity

When considering the concept of workplace diversity, most think in terms of ethnic, gender or cultural differences. There is an equally important perspective to consider: Behavioral Diversity. As often expressed with gender scenarios, the mantra can be equally true: “Can’t live with them and can’t live without them.”

A Work Behavior Lesson from the Meltdown

Brilliant, financially savvy minds have pondered the events that led to the credit market meltdown and wondered: How could this happen? This look at diversity in workplace behaviors shows how similar scenarios occur in every work environment.

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