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Executive Talent Assessments

Performance Synergy Insights

Autopsy ReportOur Job Benchmarking system for first capturing the DNA of the job and then assessing qualified candidates’ Talent DNA proves to be successful for making more informed decisions and for on-boarding the successful hire.  However this is not a fool proof system.  Whenever we have returned to the scene of an unsuccessful hire to examine what went wrong, we gain a common reminder.

The benchmarking and assessment process promises to provide 33% more insight. While this is significant for making informed decisions, expecting more is over-optimistic.  Faulty decisions are usually a result of placing too much faith in the assessment and not placing equal emphasis in the other 2/3 of the needed insight.

Three Sources of Talent Decision Insight

  1. The Resume and Background Check
  2. The Job Interview(s)
  3. Job Benchmark & Candidate Talent Assessment

Each of these three element should be weighted equally.  Any of these can be impressive to the point of seduction. Or in our eagerness to reach the finish line and put our new talent to work, we can cheat the process and overlook the importance all three components. We can be wowed by…

Between the seductive “wow” factor and our eagerness to fill the position, we take shortcuts. These shortcuts typically prove the axiom: haste make waste.

If you’ve done the math for your actual cost of a hiring miscue, you will be more inclined to avoid potentially costly shortcuts.

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