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Operating ManualI’m not certain if this is an American male trait, of if applies beyond us US guys. I’m referring to the mantra for using any complex new product:  “When all else fails, read the directions.”

When it comes to communication failures with other people, we don’t have the directions. But what if we did?

Think about the most challenging or frustrating people for to communicate with?  What if those people had an Operating Manual that  included a Troubleshooting Guide that provided Communication Dos and Don’ts? What if those people had the book on you?

Would any of you be inclined to read it?  Or would you wait for some kind of failure to occur?

A FREE Book about me?

There’s a reason that I’m asking.  I have a unique opportunity for you to acquire such a book for FREE, as in no charge.  For the month of March, 2011, we are offering, just such a book written about either you, or about someone else in your organization.

What is it really?

This is a 36 page assessment report trademarked Behavioral Intelligence.  It is a combination of two different assessments:

What’s the catch?

There are several.

How do I get mine?

Sign up on this page.  After March 1, you will be contacted via email blast that will provide you with instructions and your unique password for taking the survey.  Once that is complete, we will arrange a time to connect for a debriefing.

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