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The Legal Risk of Viewing Job Candidates’ LinkedIn Profiles

See No Potential Evil

I thought that nearly everyone uses LinkedIn to gather background information on the important business relationships.  But at a Labor and Employment Law Seminar for Human Resource Professionals, I learned that is not the case. In a seminar session led by Alan Kaplan of Masuda Funai, Alan asked for a show of hands for how […]

There are No "I"s on Our Team

In working with DISC assessments, I’ve discovered an industry that doesn’t appreciate the likes of me, a “High I” who is inclined to be optimistic, enthusiastic, trusting, magnetic, persuasive and convincing. But I’m OK with that. What is this industry? And why are “I’s” so scarce?

…becasue we've always done it that way.

We had a client that struggled with high turnover for a mission critical position that titled Customer Service Representative.  We were hired to create a job benchmark for the position and subsequently assess candidates. To Avoid Confusing Activity with Achievement Our Job Benchmarking process works with company subject matter experts who know the job and […]

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