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Back in the days when I managed a manufacturing facility I had recruiting responsibilities. I was a semi-frequent interviewer and never gained proficiency. I talked too much and asked too little.  As a result, I wasted the opportunity to gain important insight about our candidates. And I admit that we, like most organizations, hired for skills and knowledge. Then fired and promoted on the basis of attitudes and habits. We’d lose someone and start the process all over again.

I’ve been working with an internet enabled talent assessment system for over three years. And the insight that we can gain about what, how and why someone will do a job is uncanny. I am blown away by how I can describe a person whom I have never met to someone who has and be so on target. It’s a lot of fun for me as I feel like The Amazing Kreskin.

So now it is becoming both fun and profitable as I have been using a job benchmarking and assessment to understand job fit like never before and use that understanding to make informed and less biased hiring and promotion decisions. And we all know how costly these people related mistakes can be.

If you’re curious, I’ll make it easy for you. Visit executivetalentassessments.com and I will continue to add blog content here.

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