Attributes of The Serial Entrepreneur

Do You Have What It Takes to Be an Entrepreneur? Here are the results of a study on the most common behaviors, skills and drivers of serial entrepreneurs. According to a a researched report by Target Training International,serial entrepreneurs are … Continue reading

…becasue we've always done it that way.

We had a client that struggled with high turnover for a mission critical position that titled Customer Service Representative.  We were hired to create a job benchmark for the position and subsequently assess candidates. To Avoid Confusing Activity with Achievement … Continue reading

Interviews are great for evaluating interviewing skills. What about the job?

We always caution our clients that our assessments are not the end-all criteria for evaluating a candidate. While they provide at least 33% more insight, our assessment tools will enhance the interview but should never replace it.

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The Ongoing Terrell Owens Case Study

While he’s been among the most talented players at his position ever, he continues to find himself outcast and unemployed while somehow he always lands on his feet with a new multimillion dollar deal only to have yet another team discover what one bad apple can do the rest of the bunch.

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