Job Matching: The Key To Performance

White PaperA New White Paper on Job Matching

Recruiting talented candidates is not enough. It’s crucial that people are assigned to specific roles, where their talents will have the greatest impact on achieving company goals — and where they are most likely to remain onboard fully engaged.

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Job Matching: The Key to Performance

pdfTable of Contents

The ROI of TTI’s Job Matching System

  • Get the Best Performance at Every Level of the Workforce
  • Branded as the Best Place to Work
  • Big Picture Organizational Benefits

Why Traditional Employment Practices Aren’t Enough:

  • Biases
  • Hiring Issues
  • The Cost of Disengagement

 How TTI Job Matching Produces Superior Performance

  • No Limits on Competitive Performance
  • Subject Matter Experts Determine
  • What it Takes to Get the Job Done Right
  • Key Accountabilities Example
  • The Behaviors the Job Calls For
  • Value Motivators are the Energy from Within
  • Skill Competencies for Achieving Results
  • Acumen Indicators of Successful
  • Thought Processes
  • Ideal Candidate Form
  • Objectively Defining the Ideal Candidate

Job Matching is the Foundation for the Entire

  • Employment Lifecycle


  • The Benefits of Listening to the Job

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