Behavior Assessment for Your Pet

Do you want to better understand your pet?Pets

This free, fun survey is designed for dog and cats.  It was created by the principals of our talent assessment partner, Target Training International.

To take the survey and receive a report on your pet, go to Pets Talk Back, select GET STARTED and complete the five minute questionnaire. You will receive a link to your four page report that includes communication tips and general statements about your pet’s preferences.

Since I’ve worked with TTI for years, I trust them to keep my email address private.


About Tom Lemanski

Tom Lemanski is the President and founder of Vista Development in Deerfield, Illinois. Tom works as a Business Catalyst, Executive Coach and Trusted Advisor to principals and managers in both product and service industries. Working with upper level management, he facilitates a results orientated approach to the aligning strategies, talent, leadership and execution.

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